Applications from Innovation Lab

Running CLI Applications - Mac

This page will help you to understand how to run a CLI application from SKAARHOJ Innovation Lab on Mac. CLI means "command line interface" and it's the kind of geeky programs that need to get started from a black window with white text... sigh. The world is unfair, I know. But help is here. 

The example below is based on the popular Raw Panel emulator called "Raw Panel Dummies" (it emulates any SKAARHOJ panel so you can easily and freely get started on integrating support in your hardware or software applications). The principles will however be the same for any CLI application from SKAARHOJ, you just need to change the filenames.


  1. Download the relevant application.
    For example, raw-panel-dummies is downloaded from from For Mac, look for files that says "darwin" or "mac" in the filename, eg. "raw-panel-dummies_1.0.0_darwin_amd64" for Intel Macs or "_arm64" for M1 macs


    At other times, they may be distributed in a zip-file that you need to unzip first.

  2. Open the download folder in Terminal
    In Finder, right click the download folder, select "Services", select "New Terminal at Folder".


    If you can't see you Downloads folder in this way, right click the Downloads folder in finder and select "Show in Enclosing Folder"


  3. Set "execute" permissions

    In the Terminal window that opened, type in 

    chmod +x [filename of downloaded file]

    and Enter. This will set permissions to run the application.