Parts of Reactor

A breakdown of the different sections and elements within Reactor


Projects are the unit that have a title, description and references to a panel collection, a device collection and a configuration. This design provides the flexibility to use the same set of SKAARHOJ panels but quickly change to another location of devices with other IP addresses for example. Or keep the same devices and panels, but run a different configuration serving a different user group of operators. 


When a Blue Pill ships it has a default configuration is as below. It is set in simple view with only the basic information available. 


Unlike UniSketch where a change of configuration and device cores needed an online connection to SKAARHOJ server, on Blue Pill everything is stored locally in Reactor. Only software upgrades or installations of non-existing device cores and applications need communication with the server.

Creating Projects

To create a new project click Change Project within Reactor Home. 


Select Create new project on the projects pop up. 


There are two main parts of the project: Name and Description. 


Name Customizable project name
Description Option description of the project for reference

Advanced brings with it additional project options.

advanced project.png

Mode 1. Normal for normal operation
2. Devices only for when a Blue Pill will only be used to run device cores and not panels
3. Demo runs a color slash across the connected controllers
4. Mono panel for working with multiple panels as one in raw panel mode
File Name Master name for the file when making new collection, configuration, and exports
Panel Collection Allows for the sharing of panel collections across projects on a Blue Pill 
Device Collection Allows for the sharing of devices collections across projects on a Blue Pill 
Configuration Allows for the selection of a specific layer files in the configuration across projects on a Blue Pill 
Activate Makes the project the current active project. The project needs to be active to use or work with it
Delete Deletes the project
Duplicate Duplicates the projects
Export Allows for the exporting of the projects
Import/Export Projects

It is also possible to import and export projects to more easily share between different Blue Pill devices. This option is available next to create new projects in the Manage Projects pop up. You can also right-click a project name to open a context menu, where you can select 'Export project'.


Import allows for a simple file upload. With the option to have the file name become the project name.


Export allows for the selection of what to include or exclude from the file. This can be the panels, devices, or configuration. This is specific project based and not for the entire Blue Pill.