Username and Password

Default Username - Disabling Authentication - Resetting Password

Default Username and Password

When you access Reactor (the configuration web page) you are met by a login screen, asking for username and password.

The default factory username and password is:

Username:   admin
Password:    skaarhoj


Disable Authentication

The login screen, where you enter username and password, can be disabled. This removes the need to enter username and password at all.

  1. First log in as normal

  2. Click 'Settings' in main menu


  3. Click to disable 'Authentication'


Reset Password

If you have forgotten the username or password for your Blue Pill product, please follow this procedure to reset them.

  1. Open SKAARHOJ Updater app
    Can be downloaded here:

  2. Type the shortcut to enable auto-mount Blue Pill devices:
    • On Mac: [Shift][Option][Cmd] R
    • On Window: [Shift][Ctrl][Alt] R
    This will display the following dialogue (just leave it open for now)


  3. Insert a pin and press the config button on Blue Pill - keep holding it pressed


  4. While holding the pin, connect USB cable from computer to Blue Pill product. (This will provide 5V, which is usually enough to power it up. If not, you must also provide power with Ethernet PoE after inserting the USB plug)


  5. Almost instantly the SKAARHOJ Updater app will display "progress xx%", and after a few seconds you should see the disk volume 'skaarosboot' appear on your Desktop (Mac) / My Computer (Win).

    Please remove the pin now.


    If you are not able to mount the disk (progress stays at 0% or 10%), then please contact SKAARHOJ support. They will assist you in mounting the disk using the BalenaEtcher app instead.
    Send email to

  6. Open the disk volume 'skaarosboot' and open the text file 'skaarhoj_device.txt'


  7. Find the [Web] section, and type in new user and password. REMEMBER to save and close the file - and eject the skaarosboot volume.


  8. Reboot the Blue Pill device, and log in with your new username and password.

Unable to Login In

"If you enter the correct username and password, but are left in a loop on the login screen."

Some Blue Pill devices with older software can have a bug, where the login page seems to be stuck. The solution to this is simply to use another web browser - ie. if you use Google Chrome, switch to Safari or Firefox - or vice versa.

The bug has been fixed in our later software. So, when you have successfully logged in, please goto the Settings tab and update the software.

Follow this guide to update the software: