Update Software

Follow this guide to update the Blue Pill software.

If Blue Pill is unable to communicate with our server, please read the troubleshooting chapter:

Update SkaarOS system software

First, open the 'Settings' page. Here you see 'System Information' in the page top.

Click the orange 'Update' button to open the update pop-up.

Select the latest stable version for update. To update using the latest pre-release version, enable 'Show Pre-Releases' and select the latest version from the list. Please note, we can only fully support the latest stable release versions and pre-releases may have some bugs. 

Click 'Update'. It will automatically download, install, and reboot the device.


Update 3 necessary packages

Open the 'Packages' page.
Locate the 3 lines: 'hardware-manager' / 'system-manager' / 'reactor'
If a green 'Update' button is displayed to the right of any of them, this means there is an update available.
If so, please click the 'Update' button for each of them.
( After the update, if they do not display 'Running' you must click the 'Stopped' text and select 'Restart'. )

You can also update other packages here, such as individual device cores.


Update Pre-Release Versions

Show Pre-Release must be enabled to see pre-release versions on the Packages page.
This is done by clicking on the toggle at the top of the Packages page.
( This only affect the current web browser in the current session. It will be off next time you log in. )

Show PreRelease.png

White list our server URL's

In order to download software, Blue Pill must have network access to these 3 domains:


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