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Help articles related to devices you can control with SKAARHOJ Blue Pill products

Introduction to Blue Pill Device Cores

Introduction to Blue Pill Device Cores

Understanding Device Core manuals

Navigating to a Device Manual

Device cores manuals can be accessed from your Blue Pill  in the Device Core options popup.
Click the title above a device you want to know about, to access this popop.


And then click "Manual"


How do I use the manual?

The Device core manual is a table view of available and supported parameters of a device core.


Blackmagic Design - Videohub Device Core Manual example

On the left side we have listed all available parameters, and in the top row we list all available models.
Then you can find the model that you want to work with and read which parameters are supported for you exact model

Introduction to Blue Pill Device Cores

Parameter List- How To

How to use the parameter list found on

In this example our goal is: Determine what parameters can be controlled for the RED Komodo camera 


In the new window you can see a table with different columns. The first is Parameter, and contains the specific functions that can be controlled in this core. The next columns is for models supported in this devicecore. In our instance its 2 different cameras, the Komodo and V-Raptor.



These parameter list are related to the version of the devicecore you are running. So when troubleshooting please be aware of what verison of the device core you are running. (Information about the version is located on the top of the page)