Canon EOS C500 and EOS C300 (Canon-XC)

The currently recomended Core version for EOS C500 and EOS C300 is depended on the firmware version your cameras is on.
This matrix should explain what Canon-XC core version as appropriate for your camera:

Canon XC Core Version Device Core v0.1.9 or below Device Core v0.2.0-Pre3 or above
Canon EOS C300 Mark III
Canon Firmware v1.0.3.1 or below
Canon Firmware v1.0.4.1 or above
Canon EOS C500 Mark II
Canon Firmware v1.0.5.1 or below
Canon Firmware v1.0.6.1 or above

If you do not have the newest firmware and want to update your cameras, then you can find the firmware for both models on the Canon USA website by following these links:
EOS C300 Mark iii
EOS C500 Mark ii

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