vMix v25 +

Connecting To vMix v25

For your Blue Pills to control vMix v25 or v226, please check the setting marked in RED as that needs to be turned on, as shown below.

The settings marked in green are not required but recommended for the security of your vMix setup and to limit others from taking control from outside the LAN network.

Note: vMix v24 is not affected by this and will work out of the box. No changes are needed inside vMix.


Add device inside Reactor

Inside reactor you can add any vMix device like normal, and the only thing you need to add is the IP of your vMix machine. 

We do have the option to change the port number used. Please do not touch it if you don't know what it does. On the Blue pills, we use the TCP port inside vMix, and not the HTTP port that the build-in web controller uses. The vMix TCP port is not user-configurable but locked to port 8099

You can still change the port inside reactor for people running very fancy port re-mappings on their network or are running vMix inside a virtual machine, as many do on the AWS platform.

Troubleshooting Connection

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