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vMix v25 +

Device Core Articles

Connecting To vMix v25 For your Blue Pills to control vMix v25 or v226, please check the setting marked in RED as that needs to be turned on, as shown below. The settings marked in green are not required but recommended for the security of your vMix setup an...


Kessler Crane

Device Core Articles

Adding and connecting to a Kessler Crane device from the Blue Pill platform The Blue pill can connect to a Kessler Crane device in two ways, via WiFi or USB. In both cases, there are some special things that needs to be handled for the Blue Pill Core to conne...


Understanding Flags

Blue Pill / Reactor Advanced Configuration

Inside reactor we have support for setting flags true or false. These flags are based around how TSL works to some extent and provides a list of true/false states with 4 "bits" per index. Flags in reactor consists of 4 bits per index, that can be set true or ...

Canon EOS C500 and EOS C300 (Canon-XC)

Device Core Articles

The currently recomended Core version for EOS C500 and EOS C300 is depended on the firmware version your cameras is on.This matrix should explain what Canon-XC core version as appropriate for your camera: Canon XC Core Version Device Core v0.1.9 or bel...



Device Core Articles

In order to connect to the SONY ILME-FR7/ILME-FR7K cameras, make sure you have VISCA enabled on the camera. This can be done by setting this DIP-Switch on the unit: EXTERNAL TALLY To enable Tally control from a BluePill device please enable "External Tal...


Advanced Fader Range Setup

Blue Pill / Reactor Advanced Configuration

This is an example of an eventhandler that makes it so moving the full range of the physical fader only moved the top half of the actual "fader" parameter, using the "Analog to Analog" conversion and Map1: "EventHandlers": { "change": { "Event...

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Rocker Sensitivity and Curve Setup

Blue Pill / Reactor Advanced Configuration

For all our default PTZ configs we have pre-defined up to 4 variables for you to use to tune the feeling of the joystick and zoom rocker to fit the feeling between multiple cameras to your liking. Before in time, you would find one param that would control al...

Setup Core-Email

Device Core Articles

This core will provide you with a quick way to send out emails, from the reactor ecosystem. using your own Gmail or setup. The core should also be compatible with other vendors, but we have only tested with these two. Device Setup: Please take a l...