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MRMC Flair 7 Control with SKAARHOJ

Flair is an industry-leading software solution from Mark Roberts Motion Control used to control camera robotics. Quite simply, there is an infinite number of possibilities you can do with Flair when it comes to creative robotic camera movements. From simple arcs, orbits and linear motions, to much more advanced features and control, resulting in pixel-perfect repeatable motions.

SKAARHOJ controllers can tie into the workflow with Flair to improve the user experience. For example, you can



Flair runs on a PC, and when the application runs, there is usually a terminal window in the background. You need to know the IP address of the PC and type that into the configuration of the SKAARHOJ Flair Device Cores configuration. When connected, you will see this on the side of Flair:


In the window you can see that a connection from (SKAARHOJ controller) was requested and you answer "Yes" in the prompt.