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Sony FX6

You can connect to Sony FX6 camera via cabled Ethernet or Wifi. We strongly suggest to use cabled Ethernet.
This will work with multiple FX6 cameras - they just need to have unique IP addresses.

Wired LAN setup

You need to enable Wired LAN in the camera settings:
• Menu > Network >
   - Access Authentication > Input password > set new password
   - set Wired LAN = ON
   - set Remote Control = ON

Also, you must set a static IP address:
• Menu > Network > Wired LAN > Detail Settings >
   - DHCP = OFF
   - Enter static IP / Subnet / Gateway


USB-C to Ethernet adaptor

To use cabled Ethernet, you need a "USB-C to Ethernet adaptor".
It is critical that you use an adaptor with compatible chip-set:

  • Realtek TRL8153
  • AX88179

Note: There are many other adaptors not working. They can even crash the FX6. This includes a chip-set with similar name; AX88179A - (has an A at the end) which does NOT work.

Here is an example of a working adaptor (from a Danish webshop):