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Setting Blue Pill Panel into Raw Panel Mode

To set up multiple Blue Pill Inside units to work in a group together, it is necessary to change some settings in the connected panels to allow them to be controlled by the main Blue Pill panel. 
The connected unit needs the following changes:
  1. Stop Reactor
  2. Disable Auto-Start
  3. Enable Listen on Port in Hardware Manager and disable Listen On Socket.

    Listen on Port.png
4. Set the Protocol Mode needed for the project. 
Protocol Mode.png
5. Set additional settings as needed/desired. 
Additional options.png
6. Save and restart


Normal operation for Raw Panel is in 'Server mode'.
You can, however, set the device into 'Client' mode instead. This can be helpful if you fx. need to connect to a Qsys server.

  • follow above steps to enter Raw Panel mode
  • open 'Packages' page
  • find and install package: ibeam-rwp-bridge
  • when installed, click the ibeam-rwp-bridge line to open its settings
  • click 'Disable' at ServerEnabled
  • click 'Add entry' > enable 'Active' > enter IP (and maybe port) for external server
  • click 'Save and restart'