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Blue Pill / Reactor

Here you can find information about how to use our Blue Pill technology.
For a list of compatible devices see:

Blue Pill Server - Getting Started

Step by step guide to initial set up of a stand alone Blue Pill

Blue Pill Inside (BPI) - Getting Started

Step by step guide to initial set up of a Blue Pill Inside device.

Advanced Configuration

Information and references which are useful for integrators using Reactor to create advanced conf...

Config Classes

Explanation of default configurations for devicecores

Connecting Multiple Blue Pill Panels

Tutorials on different workflows for connecting multiple Blue Pill panels

Constant Sets

Examples and descriptions of constant sets tables

Device Core Parameter Lists

Hardware Calibration

Hardware Details

Here you will find hardware diagrams for various components and general hardware information.

Panel Diagrams

Diagrams of the panels.

Parts of Reactor

A breakdown of the different sections and elements within Reactor

Set Up Examples

Skaarhoj Manuals GitHub Repository

Links to our GitHub Repository of manuals and guides in downloadable PDF format.

Thumbnail Presets

How to get Thumbnail Presets on select SKAARHOJ panels

Tools Inside Blue Pill

Various tools and how to access them inside the Blue Pill


Troubleshooting scenarios and things to try.

Blue Pill Controller Showing Unknown

If the Blue Pill or Blue Pill Inside controller is showing in the panels sections of the Home scr...

Blue Pill panels boot animation during startup.

Should my BPI product have an animation during startup ?  Below is a table summarising the sta...

"Customized" tag in Mapping on Home Page

Scenario: If the selecting Mapping for the controller has a Yellow "Customized" tag as below: ...

No Lights on Panel

If your panel is not lighting up as it should, but everything else seems like it is working as ex...

No Selectable Devices for an Added Device Core

On occasion a supported device is not showing up as an option to add to the Blue Pill panel. In t...

Panel Not Displaying Connected Switcher

If after setting up your controller and connecting it to a switching device, your Skaarhoj panel ...

PTZ Extreme - Joystick rotated 90°

A small batch of PTZ Extreme [BPI] have left factory with joystick rotated 90°.The fix for this i...

Reflash Blue Pill devices

If your Blue Pill device has become totally unresponsive - you cannot contact it in any way - the...

Reset and Reboot Procedures

Have you tried turning the device off and on again?Sometimes all that is needed is a reboot. This...

Unable to Login In

"If you enter the correct username and password, but are left in a loop on the login screen." So...

Unable to Update Device Cores/Packages/OS

Scenario: When trying to do an update or load a new Device Core, Package, or Operating System (u...

UniSketch Panel Displaying Weird in Simulator Tab

If your UniSketch panel is displaying weird in the Simulator tab, it may be due to old firmware o...

Uploading Device Cores/Packages/OS from Offline

All device cores, packages, and SkaarOS can be loaded from offline onto the Blue Pill. The indivi...

Updating Software & Licenses

Follow this guide to update system software and packages

Username and Password

Default Username - Disabling Authentication - Resetting Password