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Adding Devices

There are two main ways a device can be added to a new Blue Pill, Auto Discover and Manually.  


Auto Discover

Searching on the network for devices will find many types by a combination of mDNS look-ups and other methods. However, not all devices can be discovered easily, but with those that can, it’s a simple click of a button to add it to the Blue Pill device collection. Following an Auto Discover some device details may still be needed to establish connectivity. See Device Details section for set up.  


Pressing SHIFT + the green Select button will allow for multiple device selection.

Manually Added

If a device must be added manually, it’s easy to look it up in the list of supported models. Following a manual choice of device, the user will have to enter the IP address and other possible device detail information. See the Device Details section for set up. 


 Pressing SHIFT + the green Add Device button will allow for multiple device selection.

Device Details

Devices have their status displayed clearly in the overviews on the Home screen. 


Clicking on a device name in the Devices section will open up the details. Here the name, ID number, and Active status of the devices can be changed. By default the controller name will be the same as the  model name, the ID will be auto generated in order, and the status will be active. A controller’s status needs to be active for use.  When applicable to the device, the option for connecting is a specific Username and Password will also be available. Without setting a specific username and password, in most cases the core will try to connect to the device’s default username and password.