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Cameras with Native Thumbnail Support

For cameras that have a native thumbnail preset capture, like the Canon CR-N500 and the Panasonic UE150, thumbnail capture is as easy as saving a preset on a Skaarhoj controller with color displays. This could be the MKA1, MKA2, Frame Shot, or any future color display model. 


There is no special setup for using the thumbnail preset with the Canon  CR-N500 or the Panasonic UE 150 as the controllers are able to get the information from the cameras. 

The controllers by default will not retain the thumbnails between power cycles. To have the thumbnails be retained after a power cycle, click into the device core details. This is done by clicking on the core name in the devices section of the home screen above the group of cameras of the same type.  devices core.png

In the device core details, select Core specific settings: Persistent Thumbnails. 

persist correct.png

There is no need to set the Framelink Window in the camera select constant set, as the thumbnail is pulled from the camera and not using our Framlink integration.