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PTZ Extreme - Joystick rotated 90°

A small batch of PTZ Extreme [BPI] have left factory with joystick rotated 90°.
The fix for this is two steps:
• add the serial number to our database of 'rotated joysticks'
• connect device to internet and update it (it will automatically get a new profile)

Known serial numbers

In our database, these serial numbers are currently registered for compensation of a rotated joystick:
• 449196
• 449195
• 449198
• 449194
• 449192
• 449167
• 449165
• 449139 (didn't have it - > fixed)
• 449137 (didn't have it - > fixed)
• 449136 (didn't have it - > fixed)
• 449134
• 448975
• 448979
• 448978
• 448977
• 448974
• 448929
• 448926

Notes: The three highlighted ones were changed in a customer remote session today from not having rotation to having rotation, so they are confirmed fixes.
At least one other serial, 448976, was discovered to have the serial marked as 'rotated' but was a perfectly fine controller until the update screwed it up. This has been fixed.

Procedure to handle devices:

- Find the serial number

Joystick function correct -> Is the serial number on the list?
Yes -> DANGER, do NOT update the hardware profile, that will install a hardware profile with a rotated joystick for a controller that doesn't need it. Ask SKAARHOJ to remove that serial number from the list first before you can safely update.

No -> No problem, you can update the hardware profile without risk. The controller is "normal"

Joystick is rotated ->  Is the serial number on the list?
Yes -> Great, just update the hardware profile, enter the Settings tab and refresh a few times while the controller is online (green tower in top corner), go and restart the hardware manager and you should find that the joystick works right again

No -> Contact SKAARHOJ and tell them that 
this serial needs to be on the list because it has a rotated joystick. After the serial has been confirmed added to the list, you can proceed as with the "Yes" above.

Offline devices:

The 'rotate' hardware profile is sent from the server to devices with serial numbers on the list. For this reason you should follow the procedure above - and then get the device online.
We do not use a downloadable hardware profile file as this could be spread to all devices.