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Blue Pill Controller Showing Unknown

If the Blue Pill or Blue Pill Inside controller is showing in the panels sections of the Home screen as Unknown it could be a few issues. 


1. Check that the panel's IP address in the device details section is set to HOST. This indicates that the device has the Blue Pill native inside and is not controlled by another device. 


2. If it is set correctly but still not registering, delete the panel from the home page and re-add it. It can be deletedReboot.png by right clicking on the panel name and selecting either Remove panel from configuration or Remove panel and configuration. 

Remove Panel.png

It is easily added again by clicking Add Panel and selecting Connect next to the notification about the native panel not being connected. 

Add Panel.png

3. If the panel is still not properly connecting to itself, try rebooting the panel. This can be done by pressing Reboot on the Setting page under System Information. 


4. If the panel still does not connect, reset the Hardware Manager settings to default. On the Packages page, click on the Hardware-Manager. At the bottom, click on Reset to Default. 

Default Hardware.png

5. The next option, if the others have not worked, is to clear the config directory for the Hardware Manager. On the Packages page in the Hardware Manager package, press Clear Config Directory. 

Clear config.png

After clearing the config directory, go back to the main Packages page and click on the status next to the Reactor package. This will trigger a pop up with some quick actions. Press Restart. REstart reactor.png

6. The last option is more of a nuclear option since it will completely wipe clean all configurations, added devices, added panels, and projects. Please contact Skaarhoj support before attempting to see if they can find another solution. 

The last resort is to clear the config directory for Reactor. On the Packages page go into the Reactor package and press Clear Config Directory. Then reboot the Blue Pill panel. 

Reactor config directory.png