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Reactor has a built in simulator too. There are two ways to do simulations in Blue Pill, through the Simulator page and in the Configuration page.

There are some limitations to simulations and it is not meant to be a replacement for a hardware panel but as a helpful tool.


On the Simulator page, an interactive graphical display of each panel is present. The current mapping of each controller is visible. What is seen in the simulator will be reflected on any attached panels and will control any attached devices. Devices will be effected even if the panel is being fully simulated and is not physically present.

It is possible to simulate both the panel and the device from a stand alone Blue Pill to get an idea of what that mapping is like and what actions are available. Some data is not able to be simulated as it relies on the connected device for details.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 3.35.19 PM.png

Simulation via Configuration Page

In the Configuration page, it is possible to toggle between simulation and configuration modes to test the work in progress. While in simulation mode, it is not possible to add to the configuration on the Configuration page.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 3.47.08 PM.png

Simulation Navigation

The simulators display the panels as they are arranged in the Graphical View of each panel group (see Panels sections for more information) and per group.

It is possible to limit which panels are seen in the simulation by selecting or deselecting the name on the panel at the top of the page via the eye icon. Clicking on the name will put that specific controller in center focus on the page.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 3.44.52 PM.png


  • Option + mouse drag to navigate up, down, left and right
  • Mouse scroll -> adjust zoom level

Right Click Options on HWC:

  • Hold Down
  • Release Button
  • Long Press