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Double click button

You may wish to detect 'double-click' or 'triple-click' on buttons. This would be useful for showing special menus (layers) - or sending commands that need a little more security.

To detect 'multiple-clicks' we use 'Event handler - preprocessor'.

In this simple guide we want to control a variable called "ShowMenu". It has just two options: off / on.
We create a behavior on a button - It must be double-clicked in order to set "ShowMenu" to 'on'

Create button behavior

• right-click desired button and select 'Create behavior'
  - Parameter:                Var:ShowMenu
  - Settings template:   [leave blank]

Create Event handler

• click 'Show more' > locate Event handler section > enter name "DblPress" and click 'Create' > click new Event handler to open it
  - Handler type:           Binary
  - Set values:               'on'


Create preprocessor (from binary)

• Locate the Event Preprocessor section > next to From binary > click '+' to create > click it to edit
• select 'Default' > click '+' to create > click 'ActDown' to open settings
  - Repeat:                    Delayed      <-- start a timer
  - Repeat delay:          300             <-- timer lenght in milleseconds
  - Burst count:            2                  <-- number of required button presses to proceed with output trigger
  - Output trigger:       ActDown


With the above, you must press button 2 times within 300ms for the action to proceed (ie. set ShowMenu to 'on')