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Audio Channel Config

An example of an audio channel config can be seen below. These can be different depending on the selected configuration and device. From here the order on the audio channel order will be set as well as the desired name on the displays and button color.

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 13.22.44.png





Allows for quick rearranging of channel order. Right clicking on order will allow for deleting the row.


Allows for removing access to a specific channel or to leave a blank spot on the panel

Device Config

Ties the fader to a specific device config. 

Device Index

Ties the fader to a specific device associated with the config. See Device Details for the device index number. 

Audio Channel

Ties the fader to a specific channel in the selected device. See device parameter list for available channel number for the specific device.

Alternate Label

Customizable name to appear on the displays. Character limit is determined by size of display and can vary.


Sets the button feedback color. Color options are: OFF, WHITE, WARM, RED, ROSE, PINK, PURPLE, AMBER, YELLOW, DARKBLUE, BLUE, ICE, CYAN, SPRING, GREEN, MINT.
The format for color selection is all large letters with no spaces between words. 


Setup some extra configurable attributes on some specific device configs.