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Sharing Device Cores Across Different Blue Pills

For some workflows it may be necessary to have a package running on a one Blue Pill and use it on another. 
Example 1: You are controlling and Atem, and are on a different continent, the latency would probably not work well over the distance with Atem's own protocol, so you use the Blue Pill, then the Blue Pill to Blue Pill communication does handle latency better. 
Example 2: When combining multiple Blue Pills at the cameras with Blue Pill Expansion Cables, you have to run the cores locally as they need serial access, but you probably want a central instance of reactor controlling all of them. 
To connect two BP/BPI devices when a device core/package is running on one but not the other:
  1. Install DeviceCore-Connector package on the BP running the needed package
  2. AccessMode= default-allowconnector.png
  3. On the BP not running the package, set an IP address of the needed device core in the device core detail section of Devices


Please note, it is important to have the Device IDs for each connected device match on every instance of Blue Pill it is located. This is what helps the Blue Pill properly identify each device. The Device ID will be unique per panel and per device core.

The Device ID is found in the Device Details for each connected device. 

Device ID.png