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Reset and Reboot Procedures

Have you tried turning the device off and on again?
Sometimes all that is needed is a reboot. This can be done for the skaarOS / the full Blue Pill / or per package.

Blue Pill Reboot

On the Settings page, click the Reboot button in the System Information section. 


Package Restart

You can restart an individual package on the Packages page. Click on the status of the package (being Running or Stopped) to be restarted. 


Then click 'Restart' in the pop-up. 


Reactor > Clear config directory

If a configuration has crashed Reactor, and you can only access the 'Packages' and 'Settings' pages, you may need to erase the content of the cofiguration directory.

Note: This will ERASE ALL CONFIGURATIONS on the device.

On the Packages pages, click 'Reactor'. Then click 'Clear config directory'. Finally click 'Confirm and restart'.


Factory Reset

If you really think you messed up the Blue Pill in some way, you can do a full Factory Reset of the unit.

Note: This will ERASE EVERYTHING you have done on the Blue Pill device.

On the Settings page, enable Advanced Mode

advanced mode.png

In the System Information section there will now be a Reset button. Press it and follow the prompts.