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Ping Tool

Within Blue Pill it is possible to ping devices on the network allowing you to check that they are reachable from the Blue Pill or to check the stability and latency. Ping Tool.png


  • Use any browser to access the Blue Pill via its IP address 

  • To access the toolpage write /tools after the IP

Example: XX.XX.XX.XX/tools

  • To start using the tool, write the IP of the device that should be pinged, and press the ‘Ping’ button or 'Enter' on the keyboard

If it is able to ping the device successfully, it will write the Round Trip Time for each package


  • To stop the pinging press, the now Orange button, ‘stop ping’ or 'Escape' on the keyboard 

A final report will be displayed. It contains information about how many packages were successfully transmitted and the minimum, maximum and average RTT