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Panel Not Displaying Connected Switcher

If after setting up your controller and connecting it to a switching device, your Skaarhoj panel is not properly showing the connection then it could be that the Device ID does not match the one the panel is looking for. 

No switching.png

By default, the Skaarhoj Panel is going to try to connect to Device ID #1 for the specific device core that it is looking for. The device IDs are auto generated and unique per device cores (if you have two different devices cores, each can have a device ID #1). 

Devices Connected.png


If you only have a single switching panel, set the device ID to 1 in the Device Details. This will bring the switcher up on the Skaarhoj panel. 

device id.png


If you have multiple of the same device you want to be able to switch between, this can be done by accessing the ENG menu for your device. To find the ENG menu for you panel, please check out the instructions at:

For most switching panels, the ENG menu is accessed by holding down the SHIFT button on the panel then pressing the FTB button when it turns green. 

Once the ENG menu is open you can switch between connected switcher using the Device ID selector button. Eng Menu.png

When the proper device number is selected, the panel should display everything correctly.