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"Customized" tag in Mapping on Home Page


If the selecting Mapping for the controller has a Yellow "Customized" tag as below:

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 07.42.53.png

This happens when the selected mapping has been edited away from the default by making edits in the Configuration page. 

This is the expected behavior. 


If you do not want to work outside of the default mapping for the controller there are a few options to going back. 

1. Create a new project and select the default configuration in the mapping. 

2. If you know when the change was made, you can revert the project back to an earlier version before the edit was made. This is done in the project details.  

-Select Show Advanced in the project details

-Click on the reverse clock icon in the Configuration column

Project Advanced.png

-Select the previous save file needed. 

Revert Changes.png

Please Note: All changes to the configuration are saved for 24 hours, changes older than 24 hours are saved a 1 file per day. If a file is renamed with a comment or a tag, that specific file will be saved independent of hour/day.